"You Only Get Once Chance to make a First
Impression" and this adage applies directly to your

You have a very small window of opportunity to promote yourself
– usually less than a minute.

First Choice Personnel screens thousands of resumes every
year and we know which ones work. Although, there’s no magic
formula to guarantee interviews, there are specific things you
can do to make your resume stand out from the rest.

Keep in mind that it's not the employer’s job to find the skills
that they are looking for, It's YOUR job to showcase them in
your resume!


You have about 60 seconds to grab the employer's attention. Typically they don’t read the entire resume. Most often, they quickly scan them looking for specific words, or have a software program that scans for them. It is imperative that you CUSTOMIZE, TAILOR & ADAPT!

CUSTOMIZE your resume and TAILOR it to their specific needs and skill set. ADAPT your resume by using key words mentioned in their job posting and get your resume to the top of the pile.


•  Highlight key skills, job titles, years of experience
    and area of expertise

•  Use power words for more impact

•  Mention major Accomplishments and
    Achievements clearly and succinctly

•  Advertise your knowledge in the employer’s industry

•  Showcase your education


•  Use bullet form instead of lengthy paragraphs
    because it is easier to read/scan

•  Use a legible font, Italics can be difficult to read

•  Make sure to have enough “white space” so it
    doesn’t look cluttered

•  Never fold your resume, keep it crisp and clean

•  Keep it to two pages

•  Chronological is the best format, it tells what you
    did and where

•  Make sure your resume is error free – both spelling
    and grammar