Why Choose FCP

Why Choose Us?

We've been at this for over 25 years in very specific industries. Our focus is on obtaining a clear picture of your culture and requirements. Our Consultants are taught right from the start that knowledge, reliable resources and long-term relationships are essential to everyone's success.

Ask our many long term Clients and they'll tell you, our philosophy of working with Clients and Candidates as partners allows us to quickly and easily bring integrity, respect and honesty to each relationship.

We know who works where, who worked there before and where they are now. Our extensive 'people knowledge' opens up a world of possibilities to quickly shortlist the best candidates for you. The right Candidate and the right company.

We know people

We know the people they work for. We know who worked where and when. And we know where the people who worked there previously are working now. All of this “people knowledge” allows us to open up a world of possibilities to shortlist the best candidates.