Our Values
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Our Values

Our Code of Ethics lies at the heart of our business and all our First Choice Personnel Consultants subscribe to it.

  • Serve our clients faithfully and professionally.
  • Respect confidentiality of Client and Candidate information.
  • Supply Clients with complete and accurate Candidate information.
  • Treat all Candidates objectively, responsibly, confidentially
    and without prejudice.
  • Provide Candidates with information on positions and terms of
    employment that accurately represents the description provided by
    the Client.
  • Arrange interviews only with prior approval of the Client.
  • Not to solicit a Candidate we have placed, while still in the employ
    of a Client.
  • Derive our income only from Clients with no charges to Candidates.
  • Adhere to the absolute truth in all forms of communications and media.
  • Promote only bona fide job openings, while identifying First Choice
    Personnel by name in all marketing materials.
  • Refrain from conduct, practices, or statements likely to discredit
    Clients, Candidates or fellow Consultants.

First Choice Personnel goes beyond sourcing the best qualified candidate.
We recommend the right team member; someone who not only will excel
at the job but add to the entire team. Assuring a correct 'fit' is that little
extra we bring to the table. The right Candidate at the right company.

My search experience, with First Choice Personnel, was professional. We leveraged their industry knowledge to develop effective strategies. My Consultant treated me with respect and made me feel valuable. Our trusting relationship keeps us in touch today.

- Dave

When unemployed I contact First Choice Personnel. I count on an immediate response and enjoy an easy conversation with someone who listens. The staff are empathetic and make me a priority. I continue to recommend to my friends and family.

- Jennifer

Your professionalism and expertise shines above other agencies that I’ve dealt with. I've been placed in great ‘fits’ for my experience and personality. First Choice goes beyond helping candidates find the ‘perfect job’. I continue to recommend your services.

- Brenda

I've worked with many recruiting firms over the years and First Choice Personnel is second to none. They deliver on promises, while providing first rate support and guidance. They follow up and keep you informed.

- Louis